Swiss Biotech Finance Day 2014 organized by MARSA CORPORATE FINANCE GmbH

Basel, August 2014

Swiss BiotechTM  Finance Day 2014 organized by MARSA CORPORATE FINANCE GmbH

A joint event provided by Marsa Corporate Finance and NTN Swissbiotech Association

The program addresses representatives from life sciences start-ups and entrepreneurs  interested in an overview of relevant issues within the financial set-up and development of a company.

This event will describe different issues with huge financial impact in company development.

Financial frame and planning, development and regulatory costs, human resource issues are just some of the topics that finally influence your company’s budgets and not least valuation.

For more detailed information on the program and to register, please go to :

or contact us directly through:

Andreas J. Schulze, PhD -­ Senior Partner
c/o HB&P Treuhand AG
St. Alban-Anlage 44
CH -­ 4010 Basel
Direkt +41 76 341 18 76


PR02_2014_SBA Finance Event 2014 organized by Marsa Corporate Finance GmbH